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The Tantra yoga meditation methods are simple and accessible ways for us to realise the pure Awareness that lies beneath the chatter and drama of our thoughts and emotions; and they help us to step back from these patterns of mind and to rest in the calmness, clarity, joy and wisdom of our true nature.

Tantra says that we don't have to meditate for decades to taste a depth of stillness, peace and blissful inner expansion; it is available right now to any one of us.

This paper will show how the study of these rich materials from 17th through 18th century Bengal in northeastern South Asia can be enhanced using insights from the philosopher, Shaun Gallagher, and the neurologist, Patrick Mc Namara.

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Foremost among these are various approaches often termed the “cognitive science of religion” (CSR) and also the range of disciplines known as neuroscience.

Although we are still “early” in this enterprise (and this Special Issue of is just one of many expressions of this collaboration), I hope to show how a meaningful dialogue between religious studies and contemporary science can help us to better understand some intriguing mystical texts and practices from a tradition of medieval South Asian Hinduism.

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