Updating vmware server 2 0

A more elegant solution here would be much appreciated, as the diff between the current kernel modules provided by vmware and the modules in that gz is substantial.If you would like VMware ESX-style web-access for configuration of your server, you can install the VMware MUI component, available from the VMware website. Once installation has completed, run the following commands in a Terminal: Note: If you receive a "starting httpd.vmware:-ne failed" error at the end of running you will need to run the following command. That update only contains minor changes, no noteworthy new features have been added.I’m a big fan of using virtualization to reduce the cost of software development, primarily when it comes to the lab environment for testing.

See Install VMWare Server To Ubuntu Feisty for other solutions.

Both vmware-server.2.0.1-156745 and vmware-server.2.0.2-203138 can be installed from scratch by using a script I built.

For more details you can visit How to install VMware Server 2.0.x on Ubuntu 9.10 Karmic Koala.

To do this manually you will first need to download the v Sphere patch iso VMware-v Center-Server-Appliance- myvmware.

Once you have downloaded the iso simply follow these steps to apply the update: That’s if for updating the v Center Appliance.

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