Ajax update panel image while updating

NET profiling API), and an extensive client-side API designed to mirror many of the control schemes seen in the ASP. This whitepaper examines the XML Triggers functionality of the ASP. XML Triggers give granular control over the components that can cause partial rendering for specific Update Panel controls. NET AJAX Extensions, previously an add-on assembly targeted at ASP. Triggers for a given Update Panel, by default, automatically include any child controls that invoke a postback, including (for example) Text Box controls that have their event.

This can lead to all kinds of issues with users that are not savvy or familiar with web applications (multiple clicks, moving off the page, etc.).

Note that when Update Panel controls are nested, when the Update Mode is set to Conditional, if the child Update Panel is triggered, but the parent is not, then only the child Update Panel will refresh.

However, if the parent Update Panel is refreshed, then the child Update Panel will also be refreshed.

When working in the markup editor in Visual Studio, you may notice (from Intelli Sense) that there are two child elements of an , and can specify any Control within the current unit of encapsulation (for instance, if your Update Panel control resides within a Web User Control, you should not attempt to reference a Control on the Page on which the User Control will reside).

The Update Panel control is probably the most important control in the ASP. It will AJAX'ify controls contained within it, allowing partial rendering of the area.

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