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Collins English Dictionary - Complete & Unabridged 2012 Digital Edition © William Collins Sons & Co. the form: rejecting the submission and giving the user feedback about what's wrong, if the provided information is incomplete or invalid.Webvanta uses primarily client-side validation for public forms.Usually, any information submitted is reviewed by an administrator in any case, and what's most important is that the user have a good experience. Java Script observers are placed on each form field, and when the user enters information, the Java Script code validates its format and, if necessary, displays an error message and blocks the form from being submitted.The tool allows user to convert data from spreadsheet format to XML (for limited data sets).

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Fortunately, as with most web site features that cry out for Java Script, there's an excellent j Query Validation plugin available.For more information on using the Validation Tool, download the TSDS Validation Tool User Guide.The TSDS Validation Tool is a an application that users download to their local systems (#1 in the diagram below).To use this plugin to validate your forms, you need to do three things: In this example, we've loaded the code from the shared "/webvanta" library — these files are not directly visible within your site's admin interface, but they are available to all Webvanta sites (see Accessing Open-Source Library Files for details).Once the code has been loaded, invoking the validation plugin is simple: The ID (myform) tells the plugin where to find your form.

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