Countess luann dating a jew

That’s the thing about this wedding: It is gorgeous and tasteful, but it was meant for someone 20 years younger than Luann.

Yes, we all know she didn’t get to have this kind of wedding the first time around, but that doesn’t mean she needs to have it the second time around.

"This year on the show is not what our marriage was," she managed, "for the last 10 years." When some of her costars tried pressing for more details about the state of affairs between the former spouses, Jules simply mumbled that she "can't really talk about it."then jumped in to explain that "mutual friends" of theirs had told her that Jules had signed a prenup and was "going on the show to get divorced." Bethenny didn’t fully connect the dots from what Jules having (or not having) a prenup had to do with being on a reality show as her marriage crumbled, partly because didn't give Bethenny a chance to explain. As the topic turned toward Jules' eating issues, Bethenny reiterated that being around her mother, who suffered a serious eating disorder, had been very traumatic for her as a young girl — and then Bethenny somehow spun the topic back to Jules' Jewish heritage (which the cast newbie did like to talk about a lot during the season, it seemed)."I don’t think that you represented a positive side of being Jewish at all," Bethenny said before listing things Jules had done.

The list include items such as bragging about hiring a woman to potty train her child for a ,000 fee, and asking her nanny if she would wait in line at a sample sale.

I usually compare the best of the Real Housewives to Tennessee Williams plays, where there are delusional heroines living in the past who pretend that their lives are going swimmingly when really there is brown ice in their refrigerators and someone ripped the sconces off their walls.

However, as my very astute boyfriend pointed out, tonight’s episode is more like a modern Balzac.

"Thomas was planning on a Valentine's Day proposal during their upcoming vacation in Vail," an insider close to the couple told .

"But [he] couldn't wait and presented an eight-carat canary yellow diamond ring before they got there." And that yellow-hued ring is such a showstopper.

The centerpiece of these parties is Luann’s marriage to Tom, a Brooks Brothers mannequin with the soul of a cigar bar.

She keeps saying, "Bring it on, girlfriend," like she's in a teacher-written school play about bullying, and then she tries to trademark "BL" (Before Lu). A little later, Bethenny is talking at Jules about her new short haircut and how Lu Ann is obsessed with comparing it to her own, when Lu Ann and Ramona walk back through the dining room.

Bethenny hears universe can collapse in on itself, Bethenny calls Lu Ann back in so that she can finish what she started.

) on the OGs, got engaged to D' Agostino just weeks ago (after her public split from her ex-husband Alexandre de Lesseps in 2009).

The former model and mom of two was clearly thrilled to flaunt her new ring, and, with a bauble like that, who wouldn't be?!

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