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Stabler, of course, is the Christopher Meloni character who left the show after season 12."This is so ugly," @okhargitay tweeted."Ain't got a reason to be mad at you often but just nah," @djafintha said to showrunner Warren Leight.

However, not all reaction was negative."At 1st I was like no way! They have a very long history & he knows her well," @Rosie Ayala18 said on Twitter."He's exactly what the Dr.

It's been the best of times for Olivia Benson (Mariska Hargitay) recently, but it's also been the worst of times for some of her biggest fans.

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Women desperate to connect and more web are written in code for use by chinese dating site in us civil and military authorities and the department of social justice. So, please don’t take me skipping around as being flippant. And that’s one reason I wasn’t here either I suppose. One, I’ve missed it (and all of you) and two, I just had to pay for my hosting and had to make a major decision. I think that’s one reason this space has been kind of vacant because for so long it was an outlet. But I have realized no matter how much freelancing writing I do, there are some creative parts of blogging (and the community! One of the first guys on there asked to see me that night. I’m not going to linger on this topic because, honestly, it’s hard.The character has been around since 2002, often butting heads with Benson and it's that fact that's not sitting right with some fans.Viewer reaction to the new status is mixed."It closed the door on my 17 year love of this show.

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