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"Classrooms, tents, stationery, furniture and text books are needed," the minister said.

"Some teachers' cottages were destroyed making them unfit for human habitation." In a video clip that's been widely circulating on social media platforms in Zimbabwe, children from Lundi High School are seen carrying buckets, suitcases and umbrellas as they wade through flooded water to safety last week.

At just 22-years-old, the young Zimbabwean rapper has managed to flee the war-torn country, forging a voice through music that he one day hopes to translate into empowerment of his people.

After making waves last year with his hit single “Killa” and gaining notoriety through Zane Lowe’s support, he’s returned today with a hard-hitting follow-up titled “Murder, Murder.” Watch above and check out our conversation below with the ascending rapper/producer from New Zealand by way of Zimbabwe.

The picture then cuts to the security guard for a second, then when it cuts back to the sniper the bolt on his rifle is once again open.

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Life of these kids is in danger." He said that too much media attention had been paid to President Robert Mugabe's 93rd birthday party on Saturday and not enough to the real stories of devastation endured by villagers and schoolchildren because of the floods.The state Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation says that 0m is needed to repair the roads, schools and hospitals that were destroyed.In the widely-shared clip, the officer, wearing the trademark boots and navy blue trousers of the Zimbabwe police, is shown apparently inebriated and lying in the open air near a drain.While HIV prevalence has decreased from 30 percent in the early 2000s to 15 percent today, there were still major gaps in services.In 2016, MSF supported the rollout of viral load monitoring for patients on ARVs country-wide.

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