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His home had never had peace when he was drunk before attending the Kamap Man Tru Peer Educators training workshop. He reduced alcohol consumption and socialising with friends for drinking and remained at home most of the evenings and weekends to help his wife out with housework such as cooking, doing dishes, washing children and washing clothes.On the second monitoring visit by the program coordinator, she heard that a significant change had occurred.I'm also learning a bit of Pidgin, such as "em nau" for "that's right".When the Economist Intelligence Unit rated Port Moresby as the worst city to live in - 130th out of 130 - it caused a bit of consternation here. 9, 1997 — It is a sensual tropical paradise where the women rule and the men trade kula rings.The Trobriand Islands, or Islands of Love, off the coast of Papua New Guinea are home to a matrilineal society, which passes land and inheritance through the female side of the family.The death penalty was retained; no executions had been carried out since 1954.In the footage, Philip can be heard saying “watch out for the shock, it’s coming” before a sonic boom sound wave clatters the boat, eliciting a “holy smoking Toledos” from the impressed onlooker.

There was insufficient protection against torture or other ill-treatment.

The police continued to use excessive force against protesters.

Poverty remained endemic, particularly in rural areas, despite economic wealth generated by the mining industry.

This story was told to the program coordinator when she visited the community where a peer educator lived.

The wife of the peer educator said he was 'a drunkard' and violent man before.

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