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Kay Reply from Kaye Lystad-Kirk Fargo, ND Note: Reposted to include the whole message. (Note: It was Kay Hildebrandt who had originally thanked Ginger for the information on Somber, not me.

Hi Gary, I’m a little late but I finally read Ginger La Rocque Poitra’s reply to my query about both the Seidel murders and the town (community? I just want to make sure Kay gets the proper credit!

I want Cliff Barnes to have all he needs for a full investigation.

Jeremy: I want Ewing Oil involved in a scandal so big that their charter will be revoked.

Antisocial attitudes, personality, and behaviors in a university sample [Abstract].

Perception of aggression among psychiatric nurses in Switzerland.

Reply from Kay Hildebrandt (Pritchard cousin): Murrieta, California Gary, Thanks for the replies about Somber.

Supposedly, Anthony Thompson’s name was originally Tennyson.

Really far back in time, there wouldn't be any legs at all, just fins for swimming.

Evolutionary theory argues that all the organisms alive on Earth today share a common ancestor.

As unlikely as it sounds, life forms from spiders to spider monkeys belong to the same family tree.

Even fungus merits an invitation to the family reunion.

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    Long ⟨u⟩, found originally in words of French origin (the descendent of Old English long u was respelled as ⟨ou⟩), most commonly represents before a vowel in the sequences ⟨qu⟩ (as in 'quick'), ⟨gu⟩ (as in 'anguish'), and ⟨su⟩ (as in 'suave'), though it is silent in final -que (as in 'unique') and in many words with ⟨gu⟩ (as in 'guard').

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